Wine and Dine in the Sunshine

Greater Portland’s Ultimate Summer Picnics

Portland’s urban growth boundary draws a defined line around the city, placing farms and wineries within a short drive of the urban core. These pastoral settings serve as blank slates for local chefs who take to the farms when summer produce peaks, offering sunset dinners in the fields complete with wine from producers down the road. Locals look forward to farm dinners all year, and visitors who attend get a true feel for how closely connected Portland’s restaurants are to the bounty of the region.

Magic Potions

In Search of a Storied Flower

What prolific Oregon bud has applications in tea, soap, soup, cocktails, ice cream, aftershave, antiseptic, and home décor, just to name a few? Here are some hints: It grows in the Hood River Valley, it denotes a color as well as an aroma, and you can pick your own on farms sitting in the shadow of Mount Hood.

Splashing for a Cause

Paddle you bitches! Cole’s southern drawl has seven girls – all clad in pink – in giggles and screams as they enter “Box Car,” the first of several Class 3-4 rapids in their immediate future. They may even attempt “flossing the butt cheeks” but that’s a story for another day.

Dramatic Departures

Suttle Lake Getaway

Pip and I took off for a quick getaway, traveling less than an hour from Bend, to the Lodge at Suttle Lake in the Cascade Mountains. We needed a radical absence of suburbia, opting instead for brisk walking, creative writing, couch sitting and fireplace gazing. (Photo, left, by Valorie Webster Photography and More.)