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The Hot New Recreational Pursuit of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
By Kyla Merwin

Photo by Valorie WebsterPhoto by Valorie WebsterNow that school is back in session, and the tourists have gone home, this is a great time to enjoy the last hot days of Oregon’s consistently toasty Indian Summers. Escape to Central Oregon and the high mountain lakes and rivers for the hottest new recreational pursuit: Stand-up paddle boarding. To get a personal taste of this new mode of transportation, the good folks at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe sent two Oregon Road Trippers on a trip along the Deschutes River, in the Old Mill District of Bend, Oregon.

As newbies, we were given the super-stable, almost impossible-to-fall-off-of version of the hottest new recreational device on local lakes and rivers: stand-up paddleboards. That didn’t stop one of us from falling in, of course. We weren’t given an E-Ticket to Disneyland, after all, where your experiences are generated for you, no effort required. In other words, paddle at your own risk of sudden water contact.

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Centennial BridgeCentennial Bridge
By Kyla Merwin
There's something romantic and mysterious about covered bridges. Maybe because they hearken back to simpler times. Maybe because they've carried generations of travelers by foot, bike and car. They are certainly paths less traveled than their modern counterparts, and therefore special, compelling. I recently cruised around the internet to see what I could find as travel resources/events that celebrate these vital wooden structures. (Photo, left: Eugene, Cascades & Coast) Here's what I found:

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3 Great Ways to Tour the Columbia Gorge
By Kyla Merwin

Photo courtesy of Columbia Gorge Wine GrowersPhoto courtesy of Columbia Gorge Wine GrowersSigh. How can we be back-to-school shopping already? Kids are counting the last best days of summer and if you feel as though the season has gone too fast, I have an idea: Go Gorge.

If you’re anywhere near Portland, Oregon, or planning a shopping trip to the big city, consider a happy divergence one hour east of Portland to the Hood River Valley.

The Columbia Gorge and surrounding Valley offer some great road trips for wine, waterfalls, fruit and fluffy animals. Here are some of my favorites:

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The Best Berry Picking in the World: Northeast Oregon
By Kyla Merwin

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